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  • iya cohort 3: mural project

    this is part of an annual assignment where the entire cohort comes together and creates a mural together.

  • 03. november adventures

    somehow, i made it to the last week of classes of my first semester of college.

  • 02. october adventures

    the second full month of school, and things are definitely settling down. a big shout out to daylight savings for granting me the extra hour to finish editing this vlog amid the midterms, projects, and work i have. filled with the ever growing number of people i’ve met, the times i craved food that wasn’t from the cafeteria, and a peek at what my classes are like (i promise i’m learning!)…

  • 01. september adventures

    my first official month at usc – filled with late night jam sessions, game days, doing typical los angeles tourist-y things, and even b(ruin)ing my life at ucla.  

  • san francisco love

    during the labor day weekend, i took a break from my three weeks of school and flew up to san francisco.

  • welcome to usc

    it’s almost been two weeks since i’ve moved into college, and it’s been a whirlwind.

  • only at-lanta

    only “at atlanta”   i recently came back from atlanta after attending fbla’s national conference!

  • seoul searching

    i think the title is appropriate as this is my first official post on this site; i’ve definitely gone through some soul searching over the past few months. after months of procrastinating and abandoning my old site, i’ve finally gotten around to updating my portfolio and starting an official blog. seoul searching is a recap on my trip to korea in june.