only at-lanta

only “at atlanta”


i recently came back from atlanta after attending fbla’s national conference!

although it was for a competition, i had way more free time than i anticipated, and that time was spent exploring the city. this was my first time in atlanta, let alone georgia, so everything was so new to me.

world of coke was the most memorable: i tried every flavor of coca cola in the world, and even secretly took some home in the souvenir bottle they gave us (korean apple lychee!)

i left a bit disappointed that i got 5th in word processing after beating the girl who got 1st place at the state level, but it’s still quite a big accomplishment.

from the iconic waffle house (which doesn’t really even have a waffle menu??) to being amazed at how short every block was, it was just a fun trip to hang out with high school friends one last time and travel with them.



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