Against the Grain


You have been hired by a new restaurant owner who is o ering both a bakery and restaurant for gluten‐free products. Being gluten‐ and wheat‐free is considered the norm in today’s society. The owner, who is gluten‐free, decided to get funding to open a business. The entrepreneur specializes in making baked goods from breads to mu ns and pastries, as well as simple lunch or dinner menu items for the casual diner who is gluten‐ and/or wheat‐free. The owner has hired one of the top pastry and restaurant chefs in the area with experience in gluten‐ and wheat‐free foods. To attract new customers and let people know about the restaurant, the owner has asked you to develop a series of print items suitable for a new bakery and restaurant marketing campaign.


Within the branding project are brochures, posters, coupons, newspaper ads, a logo design, color palettes, and other unifying graphics.


adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop