chromatic is for the music lovers – specifically, spotify lovers. we look at the artists you listen to and categorize these into different genres . each genre is represented by a color, and a colorful mix is created out of your listening habits.


Chromatic’s mission is to create an interesting liquid-based visualization that represents the genre content of a Spotify users’ library. The purpose of this proposed experience is that we pull artist data from one’s song collection on Spotify and assess the genre content of their collection. We want to have people become more interested in the data Spotify has to offer and also learn more about their friends and strangers based off of what their musical lives on Spotify consists of.



  1. Casual Spotify Users: This is mostly for the casual Spotify user. We hope that this will get them more interested in their personal musical data. Anyone who wants to get the gist of what people are listening to in a visual way.
  2. Data Nerds: Although our visualization will be pretty basic, we hope to attract people who are invested in their musical data.
  3. People Looking for Music Buddies: We want people to be able to find mixes similar to theirs in the hope that their musical taste preferences spark a friendship that may not otherwise have been realized