Jem Hand Soaps


Jem Hand Soaps are hand-crafted soaps made with shea butter and coconut oil. Individually stamped and carefully packaged in unique boxes wrapped in hand-marbled paper.


For this material studies project, I was inspired by the texture and colors of watercolor paintings. Although it was amusing how I associated watercolors with water-soluble soap, I also wanted to focus on the packaging of the boxes. The easy way would have been to paint each box with watercolors, but I wanted to explore new mediums and found out I could use (the very interesting combination) of shaving cream, alum to coat the paper, and food coloring to create a marbled texture.

The name “jem” was created by referring to the physical gem shapes of the soaps, and using a “j” for my name. When writing in cursive, the two “n’s” in my name often look like “m’s,” so I referenced that. The way that I designed the “j” in the logo also makes it look like a “g” when the dot is removed.



I made a lot of mistakes, so it was an interesting learning experience.

1/ mirror 3D prints for text, especially if you’re making it a stamp

2/ don’t sand fragile 3D prints because they might break

3/ it’s hard to stamp in hardened soap, so remelt it

4/ attach paper to cardboard before laser cutting


Soap created with shea butter and glycerin soap bases.
Stamp created in Fusion360 and printed on a MakerBot 3D printer.
Boxes hand-marbeled and laser cut, branded with a vinyl logo.