Young adults often buy more food than they know how to cook with at home, and through a lack of recipe ideas or a lack of time, they end up wasting their leftover ingredients and their money.

It’s incredibly hard buying just the right amount of groceries for one person–either you buy too much and throw it out, or not enough and have to go back to the market. Just recently, I bought brussel sprouts and thought I could make a good side dish. Of course, once I got home, I couldn’t find the exact recipe I wanted for the ingredients I had. I managed to throw some things together, and ended up making the entire bag so it wouldn’t go to waste. Needless to say… I ate brussel sprouts with every meal for three days. 🙅🏻 (never again, please.)



Overeasy helps users efficiently manage their pantries by curating recipes to utilize what they already own.



This idea was formulated between a group of three college girls who haven’t quite figured out how to cook. (including me!) We first determined the target market.


1. College students with income and mobility restraints

2. Working professionals with not enough time


From here, we used a variety of research methods including observations and interviews to gather information. We asked them detailed questions regarding their cooking and eating habits.

Our objectives were:

  • To understand what people currently do with leftovers after cooking meals in their homes.
  • To understand the habits of grocery shoppers in terms of their considerations when buying ingredients and filtering through what they deem is necessary to own.
  • To understand how meal prepping plays a role in cooking and buying groceries.


We discovered that for many people,


“I get sad when my food is gross.”

“I use food as a way to destress.”


“I either eat to live, or live to eat.”

“Food gives me energy on busy days and gives enjoyment on the weekends”