seoul searching

i think the title is appropriate as this is my first official post on this site; i’ve definitely gone through some soul searching over the past few months. after months of procrastinating and abandoning my old site, i’ve finally gotten around to updating my portfolio and starting an official blog.

seoul searching is a recap on my trip to korea in june.

i hadn’t been to korea in 7 years, and i only had vague memories of being a 10 year old and exploring the subway system and eating great Korean food. those memories were reaffirmed as i once again ate amazing korean food and learned how efficient the subway system truly is (why can’t we have that here in california??)

besides the food and the constant traveling, i did a lot of shopping which i documented on snapchat with “store aesthetics pt. __ ” because wow, aesthetic af.

store aesthetics

of course, no trip would be complete without going to all the tourist-y things.

i don’t know when the next time i’ll visit is, but hopefully it’ll be earlier than 7 years from now.



jenny chung

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